Dunya_K —

Friday 10 April 2020
Dressing up as Billie Eilish quarantined on a boat for a film for Earlsmead year sixes

April 5 2020
Screenshot Diaries - this is how we hang out these days

Monday 9 March 2020
Storytelling and colour naming with Harris Garrard Primary School

Monday 4 March 2020
Extracting colours from Harris Garrard primary schoos’ collections with Rima McCrae

Monday 22 Feb 2020

Collecting treasures with year 3s from Harris Garrard primary school, Thamesmead - for a work in collaboration with Rima Mcrae

“If it is a human thing to do to put something you want, because it’s useful, edible or beautiful, into a bag, or a basket, or a bit of rolled bark or leaf, or a net woven of your own hair, or what have you, and then take it home with you, home being another, larger kind of pouch or bag, container for people, and then later on you take it out and eat it or share it or store it up for winter in a solider container or put it in the medicine bundle or the shrine or the museum, the holy place, the area that contains what is sacred, and then next day you probably do much the same again-if to do that is human, if that’s what it takes, then I am a human being after all.” The carrier bag theory of fiction, Ursula k. Le Guin

👅 The seed pod, the lizards tongue 💚 lichen in the shape of a heart 🌚 Iron golem - a rock that is magic type, who gets his energy and powers from the moon (and who gets stripped back by water, so better to wash in mud grass or towel) 🌱The sweetest and most gentle spiral 🚫The End 🌬 A flyaway piece of glasswood from someone’s kitchen 🦒 A rock that feels like a giraffe 👽 Aliens Mouths in the Medieval dormitory🐰 She had collected it from the medieval dormitory: “look at the special thing Ive found.” “Is it a potato?” “No it’s a perfectly circular stone”... and then turning it over-there was the bunny!! Someone else’s magic left for the next explorers discovery 💖

7 February 2020
Making and learning from new friends