Creative Knowledge Project

NOVEMBER 2019 - MARCH 2021
       The Creative Knowledge Project is a year long residency in Thamesmead, which looks to question what a library can be in the 21st century ahead of the new Thamesmead Library being built on Southmere Lake.

My work in Thamesmead focuses on the library as a space for producing and protecting community knowledge. Beginning by researching methods of archiving communal struggles and joys, looking at how and what we learn as a community, and how to activate those archives to strengthen social bonds and reinforce community space.

Throughout the year, I am collaborating with local residents to imaginine how the library could be used to create and consolidate space for community relationships, thinking about how digital interventions can be used to create stronger links between individuals, community and knowledge.

I am also collaborating with Rima McCrae and two primary schools to create a collaborative artwork for the new Thamesmead Library through a process of collecting, archiving, naming and reproducing objects and stories from schoolchildren’s local environments.

Activities that will be taking place:

  • Running workshops in the current temporary Thamesmead library, exploring archives and storytelling, and thinking together about our relationship to our environment.
  • Opening up my studio to co-create archival material of the present (zines, sound recordings and more).
  • Creating a fortnightly radio show with contributions from local residents.
  • Working with residents, local schools, families and community groups to co-create an artwork whose life will continue in the new Thamesmead library.

visit the Bow Arts webiste for more details

The Creative Knowledge Project is supported by Arts Council England, the London Borough of Bexley and Peabody Trust.

Archival treasures gathered on a walk with year three’s from Harris Garrard Primary School