Lockdown Diaries

Digital Project - 2020
The Lockdown Diaries is an invitation to take part in recording and sharing how we, as Londoners, experience Covid 19 – through writing, video, photos, sound recordings or drawings. They can be as simple, as serious, or as wild as you want them to be.

Daily prompts for diary contributions will be published on instagram, which you are invited to respond to. You can choose which prompts you respond to – we'd love to see daily contributions, but if you want to do your own thing on some days or only respond to a few prompts a week, that’s fine. All ages are encouraged to join, and no previous experience or expertise is necessary! The last part is really important – smartphones mean we have amazing technology for documentation at our fingertips and we are all experts at using them in our own way. And unlike the history we learnt in school, in this historical moment we do have the power and technology to document our own history in the making.

Each prompt will be an invitation to write, video, photograph or record sounds and your voice in response. You can then send these in three ways:

Dropbox: Upload to Dropbox

Email: send entries directly by email to Lockdowndiariestm@gmail.com

Padlet: Lockdown Diaries Padlet page. Padlet is a collaborative, content sharing website that anyone can add to, recording directly onto the page I set up. I will be posting daily prompts and receiving your prompts. You can get your own Padlet profile, or you can simply record your own contribution without a login.

Follow the Lockdown Diaries instagram or on facebook for more info and the latest prompts.

Your contributions will be kept securely, and they will eventually be made public through the Thamesmead community archive. They may also be used towards an art work that will be presented in the Thamesmead Library but I will contact you more about this at a later stage.